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Riddell: how? Alfasus: Riddell: I have that Riddell: I got the msg about installing a font Alfasus: install this package icedtea-plugin Riddell: ok Riddell: How do I run it? Alfasus: in a terminal sudo a2enmod icedtea-plugin and start firefox again Riddell: i thought mondrian was gone? what's up with the gnome-platform package? Riddell: ok, I got the msg about module (core fonts) not found wstephenson: it should be a renamed version of the gtk2 version Alfasus: hmm, does it give any other errors? Riddell: yes, that's the new name, but it's still deprecated... Riddell: Not for the moment, just a msg about missing plugins. wstephenson: yes, that's fine, it's a duplicate Alfasus: try restarting firefox, you may have to log out and back in again Riddell: can i use that package for 2.22, or should i get it from git? wstephenson: it's from git Riddell: ok. is it ok if i use it in breezy now then? wstephenson: why not just use the mondrian in the archive? Riddell: i didn't think it would be, but i guess it's ok now? yes it is Alfasus: still there? Riddell: yes




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Adobe Acrobat XI Pro V11.0.0 Full Crack.rar.rar yiland

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